Edward Johnson, PMP, CSM

Trusted Advisor

MUFG: Times of Stress

Edward Johnson, PMPĀ®, CSMĀ® July 10

Addressing Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) 239, the project defines and establishes a governed framework and approach, to produce times of stress reports (this will feed requirements to Enterprise Data Processing (EDP) , Report Automation and business as usual (BAU) Processes as necessary). Worked with internal resources across the bank and independent auditor McKinsey and Co.


Value Delivered

  • Identify relevant stress / crisis scenarios that could require non – regular reporting on data requirements
  • Defined criteria & triggers, stress scenarios, impact measurement standards for Times of Stress reporting
  • Develop Times of Stress protocols and requirements
  • Building a Times of Stress Library including Stress Scenarios, Critical Events, Stress Factors, and their business impacts
  • Identifying data source dependencies for specific reporting requirements in Times of Stress
  • Coordinate with Business Continuity, First Line of Defense, Second Line of Defense on testing drills
  • Conduct drills to demonstrate capability to produce risk reports in Times of Stress
  • Deliver report on testing drill results
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