Edward Johnson, PMP, CSM

Trusted Advisor

MUFG: Business Information Model / Domain Governance & Metadata Tool Enhancements

Edward Johnson, PMPĀ®, CSMĀ® July 10

This project has 2 major components that address the Collibra metadata management environment and responding to a Basel Committee on Banking Supervision 239 Compliance issue.

Business Information Model / Domain Governance

Project Description

  • Define a standard vocabulary covering data concepts critical to risk, regulatory reporting and AML
  • Enable enterprise access to BIM via Collibra
  • Define BIM governance operating model
  • Mobilize Domain Working Groups


BIM Value Deliverd

  • Over 2800 standardized data elements terms now available for use across the organization
  • Streamline identification of KDE’s which feed critical data consumption processes
  • Support compliance with BCBS 239 requirement for standardized data vocabulary


Metadata Tool Enhancements

Project Desctiption

  • Implement governance workflows in Collibra to support domain-centric governance process for BIM Term and KDE additions and changes
  • Implement other high-priority metadata tool enhancements to support risk and regulatory reporting

Value Delivered

  • Increase efficiency and auditability of the BIM Term and KDE review and approval process by implementing supporting Collibra workflows
  • Build foundation for global rollout of BIM by moving away from email based and cumbersome approval process
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