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Elaborate LinkedIn Ghost Profiles

Edward Johnson, PMP®, CSM®   April 28   0 Comments 

As you peruse people you may want to connect with, you should take a slightly deeper dive into their background. I am sure what you are thinking is to read their profile and see if they have some sort of history. In a way, you would be correct. You look to see if they have some sort of past. You know what I mean. That cursory review is not enough, not enough at all. Take a look at whether or not they past actually progresses in a logical pattern. After all, moving from line coo...

The Coronavirus will Expedite Global Workforce Transformation

Edward Johnson, PMP®, CSM®   March 12   0 Comments 

Up until now, many companies were still clinging to the idea that you have to be in an office for them to believe you are working and being productive. I can understand the reason behind the antiquated thought. Management is behind the times. The company is not ready to embrace the necessary changes to manage a geographically dispersed workforce. Companies lack the technical resources to implement a remote workforce strategy. Those are just some of the reasons why companies were moving so slow...

The California Consumer Privacy Wake-up Call

Edward Johnson, PMP®, CSM®   November 25   0 Comments 

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was introduced as a bill January 3, 2018 and signed into law June 28, 2018. Of course, the before it was a bill it was a murmur in California beginning in 2017. I mention these dates as they will be important as you consider how the state will move forward.   The bill goes into effect January 1, 2020. Before we get into some of the details of the law, let’s look at the applicable timelines and how long it will take for litigations to begin....

Achieving Your Goals

Edward Johnson, PMP®, CSM®   October 22   0 Comments 

Previously, I released a video that spoke about planning your journey. In this video I talk a little bit more about understanding the details you will need for that journey. Not only should you be creating a list of tasks, but you should be getting details around those tasks so you are specific in what needs to happen to be successful. During that initial pass at creating your steps you will undoubtedly find you missed a few things. The more versed you are in know what needs to happen, the easie...


Edward Johnson, PMP®, CSM®   October 15   0 Comments 

Why are so many people afraid of compeition? When a big competitor enters a new market a lot of smaller players in that market immediately enter panic mode. Why? Instead of panicing why not step up your game?! You need to get a better idea of who your customers are and why this new player thinks they are going to be able to better fill the void.   Watch this video and learn how I apply this thought to the adult beverage industry!  

Dumb Dumb Work

Edward Johnson, PMP®, CSM®   October 08   0 Comments 

There is so much on my plate that I sometimes find myself speeding toward a brick wall. To avoid that brick wall I have created a process for myself that enables me to step back from the harder work and tackle much smaller and management tasks. I call it Dumb Dumb Work. A list of quick tasks I can knock out without having to think all too much. It allows me to shift gears and take my mind off of the harder tasks I am facing. This gives me a breather and helps me slow down. In most cases, when I ...


Edward Johnson, PMP®, CSM®   October 01   0 Comments 

I am by no means a clock-watcher. However, there are limits to how much I am going to devote to a job. Something as simple as answering emails to and from work is overtime. If you are already giving your job 8 hours a day, you are giving then even more time when you choose to work during your commute. In this video I talk about why this may not be the ideal situation for you and can definitely subtract from your quality of life by reducing your overall value. Sometimes it really does come down ...

Planning the Journey

Edward Johnson, PMP®, CSM®   September 24   0 Comments 

I met with a woman that had a general idea of what she wanted to do with her new business. When I sat with her she gave me a nice overview. It stopped there. She was unable to get into the details of her business. That is when I started working with her to develop a plan for the journey toward success.   Watch this video and learn why planning the journey is important!  

Tenacity and Drive

Edward Johnson, PMP®, CSM®   September 17   0 Comments 

An example of sticking with it. The idea of not stopping just because you get a little bit of resistance. You have to listen to who you are speaking with and find out what they are looking for or identify an opportunity for what you are trying to get across to them. Understand what they want or need.   Listen to how I approached this liquor store with a better way of reaching more people.

Time Limits

Edward Johnson, PMP®, CSM®   September 10   0 Comments 

I am here to give you tools that can help you move forward in business or your career. In this article we are discussing time limits. You have to understand your time limits when dealing with prospective clients. You need to keep the various stages of the sales process within acceptable parameters. For example, you do not want to spend an hour on the phone with someone during the initial phase unless your line of business calls for a longer duration in order to gather the necessary informatio...

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