Edward Johnson, PMP, CSM

Trusted Advisor

MUFG: Develop and Conduct BCBS IV

Edward Johnson, PMPĀ®, CSMĀ® July 10

Establish a Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Independent Validation & Verification (BCBS IV) function to perform a holistic assessment of evidence submitted by reporting areas and corporate functions to attest to their alignment with the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) 239 principles. While this project will utilize a 3rd party in years 2 and 3 it will also leverage Risk and Control Self-assessment resources and Second Line of Defense partners.


Value Delivered

  • Establish an assessment framework by translating the BCBS requirements into the following key areas: Governance, Architecture, Data Aggregation, and Reporting.
  • Assessment framework with actionable requirements to be maintained as regulatory guidance evolves.
  • Establish an evidence repository to provide a standard process for maintenance of evidence in a central location. 
  • Establish a library of artifacts to attest adherence to requirements
  • Perform a validation to test alignment across the key areas of the Independent Validation framework. 
  • First Line of Defense, Second Line of Defense, and Third Line of Defense involved to provide evidence as well as for training purposes to establish true independence and oversight
  • Communicate findings and deficiencies, circulation to relevant stakeholders for remediation and reporting to Internal Audit for the Americas (IAA), Senior Management and the Board.
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