Edward Johnson, PMP

Trusted Advisor


Rebel Visions Corporation

Synopsis of Responsibilities and Accomplishments:

Responsible for all aspects of business development strategy and development of service offerings.  Work with team members to vet tactical implementations and administrative support to drive toward goals and revenue generation.  Develop technology and sourcing strategies to address foreseen client needs.  Act as key resource for closing major accounts.  Develop and foster relationships for future revenue streams and resources.  As a trusted advisor, consult clients in the development and implementation of long-term business initiatives.  Oversee the development of custom applications to provide solutions to a broader based audience.  Identify and vet long-term marketing strategies that make use of new and established tools in order to create and drive market enthusiasm.


Lead a Security Penetration team to help clients understand the full expanse of their attack surface. The team works along several fronts based on a given client’s specific needs. For example we may be reviewing physical access or cyber attacks. The team is comprised of several types of resources and are internationally dispersed. Over the past 3 years, the team has provided such services in the financial, insurance and marketing industries. Our current projects include one for an internaltional energy company and a global marketing company.


Prudential (Program Manager): 8/2019 – Present

Managing several key initiatives within the Architecture and Technology Transformation programs. Working with several dedicated, but global geographically dispersed teams. These initiatives address several specific regulatory compliance opportunities, including CARES Act, California Consumer Privacy Act, SOC 2 (formerly Service Oganization Control 2) with an additional initiative, also working with internal and external data, addreses a new set of services providing single sign-on for seamless user experience across several customer facing interfaces.

  • Data Management Framework
  • Regulatory Compliance Framework
  • SEC Regulation Best Interest (SEC Reg. BI)
  • California Consumer Privacy Act
  • Coronavirus-related Distribution (CRD) Repayments
  • SOC 2 Data Disposition
  • Outsourced Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • Customer Office Data Exchange
  • Enhance Asset Rebalancing
  • Custom EDT for Vectrus


MUFG Union Bank (Senior Project Manager): 12/2018 – 6/2019

Manage multiple projects (totaling over $8.6M) as a part of the data and reporting environment as a part of the organization-wide Transformation initiative. The initiative transforms the data and reporting environment from a complex, manual, and inconsistently controlled to a streamlined architecture supported by strong governance and controls. Project were directly respond to regulator oversight following deficiencies identified in Regulatory reviews of MUFG Risk and Regulatory environment. Projects include:

  • Business Information Model / Domain Governance & Metadata Tool Enhancements
  • Data Management and Reporting Policies, Frameworks, and Standards
  • Metadata Content Enhancements
  • Times of Stress
  • Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Independent Validation (BCBS IV)


Insured Vendors™ (Senior Project Manager) New York: 12/2017 – 12/2018

Lead dispersed team of resources to develop a SaaS platform for the insurance industry. Worked with stakeholders to develop cost analysis, pricing model and iterative delivery approach. Helped to implement Dynamics CRM solution to track opportunities for the platform. Developed budget, identified resources (people, vendors and equipment). Developed and managed the overall governance model. Developed and managed executive reporting, including meeting cadences.


Argus Information & Advisory Services (Program Manager): 2/2016 – 12/2017

Created a Program/Project Management Office (PMO) governance models to manage complex client programs and initiatives including regulatory compliance, global rollouts and strategic planning/implementation of go-forward technologies.  Lead/mentor global matrix teams of consultants, client resources and vendor/partners; document and measure existing client processes; recommend outcomes and improvements; design and implement processes to enable client to improve performance levels. Present findings and recommendations to boards of directors, investors and C-level executives. Develop new and repeat client business.


Working with a major department executive, I developed a program to teach line managers specific Project Management skills. The program was developed in a way as to not impede the current level of productivity with in-flight projects while implementing practices that will increase productivity over time. This entailed identifying the individual strengths and weaknesses of each individual team member in addition to the organization as a whole. The second step in this phase was to  identify and develop tools to support the effort that would provide executive management with a clear picture across the department. We were able to implement processes around, milestone reporting, resource management, risk and issues management, as well as developing a process to develop insights on client resources, enabling the team more effectively interact with various clients.


Helped to develop an internal automation strategy and implementation plan to increase efficiencies and overall team productivity for the development and management of data warehouses. Reviewed project progress, dependencies and risks. Presented status updates to senior management.


In addition, I was asked to realign a portfolio of data warehouse and data lake projects for an important Silicon Valley FinTech client. This included resource assessments, project and program alignment strategies, repositioning of resources, implementation of client engagement practices and interviewing candidates.


Becton Dickinson (Enterprise Program Manager): 2/2015 – 2/2016

For the Enterprise Project Management Office within Becton Dickinson (BD) I was focused on managing portfolios for the post-merger integration activities for the Law Group and Revenue Management. Managed internationally dispersed teams consisting of internal resources, consultants and various vendors. For Revenue Management, the team realized expected or forecasted synergy goals, merge offices and aggregate operations into determined share services centers of excellence. Daily management of budgets (handling time and costs), risks and issues across all projects. Lead the team to implement a global legal contracting solution, Icertis. During this project, we were able to acquire needs analyses for each business unit and create custom solutions. We also developed and implemented enterprise-wide training on the platform and managed the platform upgrade.


Merck/TelerX (Program Manager): 10/2014 – 12/2015

A major pharmaceutical company was looking to divest one of its divisions and needed to work with a prospective buyer to determine the divestiture work necessary to complete the sale. The company was seeking to effectively plan and execute separation of the carve-out while minimizing disruption to the remaining entity and maintaining business continuity. This included a thorough change management strategy in order to develop a precise transition strategy. I was engaged to lead the Separation Program Office. My team was responsible for developing the overall separation strategy, tools, templates, governance, meeting cadence, budgets and alignment with the Separation Management Office (executive shareholders). The project was completed on time and within budget, but the deal did not close.


Parsons Brinckerhoff (Program Manager): 9/2011 – 10/2014

Led a team that created a global application architecture, including systems and application development technologies employed, to replace an antiquated, incumbent system that enables the global Corporate Development team to maintain and match internal resumes to new business prospects as well as maintain and provide access to Projects/Agreements, Qualifications & Capability Statements and a Proposal Library & Opportunities. This initiative was the linchpin of then enterprise change management initiative as it entailed a massive transformation of how the organization engages prospective clients and new business.


INTECH Investment Management (a division of Janus Capital Group, Program Manager): 2/2011 – 8/2011

As a trusted advisor to the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), I worked with him to transition the company to a more fluid information flow. This involved interviewing each of the executives and other key staff and gather data on company processes and information flow. Once the transition strategy was developed we gathered and honed requirements for the implementation of an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution.  Met with key members of each department in the firm in order to confirm operational due diligence.  Worked with the CTO to develop a technology strategy to address the current and future needs of the organization, including business process optimization and evolution.


During the second phase of the engagement, I led the team in implementing a new SharePoint 2013 platform, including end-user training as well as Administrator training.  The platform serves as the cornerstone of the firm’s intranet.  Applications for internal and external report generation, marketing information and more continue to be developed on the platform


Tullow Oil (Senior Project Manager): 3/2010 – 2/2011

Assessed in-country resources, and provided guidance and mentoring to local management.  Through in-person interviews, assessed the skills and capabilities of South African resources.  Presented findings to London-based executive management in order to develop resource improvement strategies and career guidance advice to local talent.  Provided a template to executive management to create repeatable processes across additional regions.


Kamakura: Genworth Financial (Senior Project Manager): 3/2010 – 8/2010

Working directly with executive leadership at Genworth and their vendor, I was responsible for helping to lead a team to implement the first phase of best in breed market risk and credit risk analytics software.  The implementation yielded the first level of an integrated credit risk, market risk, asset & liability management and performance management platform that can accurately provide Value at Risk (VAR) calculations.  The implementation required IT resources to work closely with business executives in order to ensure the accuracy of the software in comparison to the legacy system (Moody’s KMV), utilizing a data stream from Blackrock and other sources.


Kamakura: Unum (Senior Project Manager): 3/2010 – 8/2010

Led a globally dispersed team to implement a Kamakura Risk Manager trial platform that allows UNUM to effectively measure the inherent risk of default, downgrade, or other credit events for any one or all of its or its Affiliates’ investment counterparties/issuers over any horizon (approximately 3000 CUSIPs).  The platform provides credit modeling at the individual transaction level, aggregating up to combined counterparty risk.  The Platform allows Unum risk managers to compare potential losses with pre-defined values and limits all of the assets, liabilities and derivatives associated with UNUM’s Long Term Care Policies and permit the simulation of a large number of risk factors to drive both valuation and credit-adjusted losses for standard and ad hoc scenarios.


UBS Investment Bank (Senior Project Manager): 3/2009 – 3/2010

Evaluated enterprise initiatives in terms of Program and Project Management processes, governance, budgeting, tracking, prioritization and resource utilization.

Established budgetary metrics that enabled client to on-board, fund and prioritize projects based on projected return on investment (ROI) and alignment with business strategy
Implemented PMO with project dashboard, to improve management oversight, decision effectiveness and resource allocation, which reduced project costs through more accurate and efficient use of equipment, software and resources
Improved project status reporting and tracking by implementing Microsoft SharePoint tracking system, which reduced annual deployment costs by $1.5 million and enabled management to mitigate operational risk that would have negative impact on project completion, outcome and cost


Fiserv (Program Manager): 1/2008 – 3/2009

Led due diligence business/technology transformation team to develop outsourcing Strategy proposal for $4.5 billion financial services client organization; focused on business/technology synergy and consolidation, cost reduction, competency acquisition and business line expansion, for Internet Banking and Electronic Payment businesses, which represented about 25% of gross revenue.  Worked with teams to evaluate the possible implementation of an ERP solution in order to manage and migrate disparate product platforms to a unified infrastructure.


Performed due diligence to evaluate potential of synergy/consolidation of technologies, services and products of 127 businesses; reviewed all offerings and customized variations, mapped all commonalities to determine ROI

Provided data to validate client decision that ROI would not justify project, based upon complexity, duration and cost; with outcome limited to integrated accounting and reporting.


EB Brands (Senior Project Manager): 2/2007 – 12/2007

As a part of a change management initiative I led a team to document existing product life cycle, redevelop business processes and implement streamlined and more automated product development model, to enable company to improve internal efficiency and product time to market, used Microsoft SharePoint and Project Server.


Implemented enterprise-wide product life cycle with project/program management practices, governance standards, processes, metrics and change/risk management controls. Enabled stakeholders to define opportunities, prioritize projects, use best practices, ensure timely delivery and comply with quality standards
Improved enterprise project efficiency by 66%, which elevated organization value; optimized organization performance by dedicating all work to those tasks connected to project/product plans approved under new product life cycle model
Enabled post-merger integration of newly-acquired Valeo Corporation, in collaboration with CEO and executive management


Citigroup Smith Barney (Program Manager): 7/2006 – 1/2007

Created PMO governance model, which included documenting information architecture, developing data aggregation and flow strategy, tool building, staff training and mentoring, toll gating and metrics reporting. Led team which completed architecture and development of billing and chargeback application with bidirectional communication with ERP system (PeopleSoft), to provide Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) data, for all initiatives.


Enabled executive management to improve decision effectiveness, by having previously unknown data access, business operation and technology costs; and achieved multi-million-dollar cost savings by replacing high cost with no/lower cost solutions. Collaborated with COO to develop Strategic Change process.


Morgan Stanley (Senior Project Manager): 11/2004 – 7/2006

Led globally dispersed matrix team of 300+ to address enterprise-wide Basel II compliance issues on five continents. Developed management reports, identified unique metrics, provided policy guidance and spearheaded development of PMO governance model. Collaborated and built sponsorship with client executives and stakeholders at all levels, in Fixed Income, Market Risk, Credit Risk and Regulatory Compliance.


Documented and refined existing processes and created new ones, in collaboration with enterprise team, to complete 327 projects within Basel II program, governing money movement, transaction processes/life cycle/reporting and cash reserve minimums


BMC Software (Program Manager): 2/2004 – 11/2004

Led globally dispersed and matrixed team of 225, including internal staff and external resources provided by Deloitte, Jefferson Wells, Protivity and Ernst & Young. Collaborated with executive management to address global Sarbanes-Oxley issues and transform the compliance organization to provide continuous compliance to changes to financial compliance introduced by the United States government. Worked with the team and recommend policies and procedures and develop PMO governance for all regulatory affairs.


Established management reporting infrastructure and adapted technology solution from previous engagement to shorten project delivery time. Solution enabled BMC executives to monitor every process step, all stakeholders and pass/fail status of both internal and external exams


XL Financial Products & Services (Senior Project Manager): 9/2003 – 2/2004

Led globally dispersed and matrixed team of employees and external consultants from Ernst & Young and PriceWaterhouseCoopers, to establish and test processes to achieve Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. Created policy and procedures concerning roles/responsibilities; collaborated with PMO executives to ensure enterprise commonality. Worked with CIO to create Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP); and recommended appropriate planning software and implementation procedures. Led dispersed matrix team of business and IT stakeholders to develop facility evacuation plans and ensure Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. This initiative was a part of an enterprise-wide change management strategy addressing ongoing regulatory compliance.

Small Business 2015 Social Media Outlook


2015 is upon us and it is coming with a lot of reality checks for Small Business. They will have to contend with higher competition and a diminishing pool of free marketing resources.  One of the biggest impacts coming in 2015 is Facebook’s clamping down on unpaid marketing posts on the site.

In a post in early November, Facebook warned that free marketing pitches or reused content from ads will experience “a significant decrease in distribution”.  The coming change has the potential to affect upwards of 90% of small businesses utilizing their service. In part, this is due to how small businesses use a combination of free posts and paid posts.

For a great deal of small businesses, the current mixture of fee-based posts and free posts are heavily slanted toward the latter. This will have to change dramatically for these businesses if they want to maintain their current level of reach on the site, not to mention how much more they will have to spend if they want to increase that reach.

A survey of 2,292 small businesses leveraging Social Media marketing released May 2014 by Webs, a subsidiary of VistaPrint, showed that 80% of those businesses used Facebook as their dominant platform followed by LinkedIn then Twitter.

This means many small businesses will have to give pause and rethink the management of their marketing budgets. The math is very simple. If you are receiving any number of new followers stemming from free marketing posts on Facebook, in January you are now going to receive just about zero. Yeah, goose egg! Therefore, that means in order to maintain that flow you are going to have to better manage your money for both ads and boosted posts.

More importantly, you are going to have to leverage tried and true marketing techniques. An example would be to take out your calendar and identify key dates (i.e., planned sales, holidays, etc.). That is also when you should take in account the kind of posts you want to send out at those times. That will help you determine how much money you are going to spend on a boosted post or ads as a more concerted effort in your overall marketing strategy.

Many people will skim this article and miss the juicy tidbit I just mentioned. Did you catch it? There you go! I said LinkedIn was right after Facebook. I am sure you thought it would be Twitter, Instagram or even Pinterest. We believe LinkedIn is going to continue to take market share from smaller sites that have less of a focus or have more confusion as to how to use their platforms. LinkedIn is proving that just because a platform has media buzz it does not necessarily translate into meaningful traffic or usefulness for Small Business.

A lot of companies are already having a knee-jerk reaction after Facebook’s announcement. Instead, we believe small businesses should seize the opportunity to get ahead of their competition. You can do this with better planning and developing a marketing strategy that uses various marketing methods:

  • Social Media
  • Radio (local radio stations can be a huge resource for small businesses)
  • TV (local television advertising can actually be quite cost effective)
  • Print media
  • Direct mail
  • Sponsoring local teams

We believe 2015 will usher in a renaissance of sort for small business marketing as they mature in their approach and begin to understand the value of quality reach in the marketplace. Small businesses will have to learn how to better acquire followers and cultivate those relationships.  Doing so will turn them into happy customers that can market for those small businesses.

Elaborate LinkedIn Ghost Profiles

Originally published at InsideWestchester.com

As you peruse people you may want to connect with, you should take a slightly deeper dive into their background. I am sure what you are thinking is read their profile and see if they have some sort of history. In a way, you would be correct.

You look to see if they have some sort of past. You know what I mean. That cursory review is not enough, not enough at all. Take a look at whether or not they past actually progresses in a logical pattern. After all, moving from line cook to Director of IT is not a normal course. You look at their education and see if those degrees seem real. You should even check out the connections, recommendations and even their causes. Usually something gives it away. So, you move on.

Then there are those that slip through the cracks. They snag a few connections and slowly build up the façade. Acquiring more connections. Through using the simple premise of "guilt by association" they start to reach out to distant connections to draw more people into the ruse. Then they add new jobs to the profile over time and make small adjustments to the timelines. They even create jobs held at companies that have gone out of business or, simply, fake to begin with. Another place where there are no strings that need to be tied. So, the profile grows and becomes more robust.

Then they take to another level by building relationships. Some with other fake profiles, but many with real ones. You may even see one of your own connections caught in the web of lies. They are connected to the profile and may have even given a blind recommendation. This is why I am not a fan of recommendations. They are simple things you can click on and a lot of people do without actually meeting the person or speaking with them at all. Now look back at this nice, dense profile. It is chock full of information that, on the surface, are substantive.

Now you are sitting there thinking this is a pain in the tail. You are having to review profiles as if you work in Human Resources. Indeed, it is work. Now, let me share one more tool for your toolbox: Google image searching. That's right! You read that correctly. These scammers are going to great lengths to build these profiles. They steal an image of some unsuspecting person from almost anywhere. I actually had to report a profile that used a photo of a lesser known Hollywood actor. This is actually an old trick that was used on dating sites.

If you want to test your skills at reviewing profiles, take a look at this set and try to figure out which one is fake.

  1. https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=AB4AABH3FAABIZuxgWxIebCP80-il0iVxz4ON2I&auth
  2. https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=ADEAAAJm3oMBm7YbBDIpxKfGSOsQRbwesALhIpc


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