Edward Johnson, PMP, CSM

Trusted Advisor

UBS Investment Bank

Edward Johnson, PMPĀ®, CSMĀ® February 26

Evaluated enterprise initiatives in terms of Program and Project Management processes, governance, budgeting, tracking, prioritization and resource utilization.

  • Established a knowledge management infrastructure to support Global Desktop Management
  • Established budgetary metrics that enabled client to on-board, fund and prioritize projects based on projected return on investment (ROI) and alignment with business strategy
  • Implemented PMO with project dashboard, to improve management oversight, decision effectiveness and resource allocation, which reduced project costs through more accurate and efficient use of equipment, software and resources
  • Improved project status reporting and tracking by implementing Microsoft SharePoint tracking system, which reduced annual deployment costs by $1.5 million and enabled management to mitigate operational risk that would have negative impact on project completion, outcome and cost
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