Edward Johnson, PMP, CSM

Trusted Advisor

James Sharpe, Jr.

Edward Johnson, PMPĀ®, CSMĀ® February 24

Director of Business Operations, Time Warner Cable

Eddie Johnson was originally hired as the Regional Project Manager for the Northeast Region. Through his management of 70+ regional deployments Eddie recognized the need for project methodologies and processes to be instituted in our region and quickly worked with the functional teams to institute operations standards. Eddie is a team member that is 100% engaged in the creative process of the cross-functional team. He is able to lead teams by relating the project into a bigger picture, while still focusing on day-to-day details in such a way that he successfully motivates the team and completes the initiative. He is continually using his experiences on projects to develop new and improved ways to operate the business. Eddie identified a need to streamline our capital management process. Eddie proactively worked with me to design a robust capital management application that is scalable to the enterprise level. 

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